How We Grew Our Facebook Group From 0-45K & Did Half a Million In Sales 

In Less Than A Year—Without Paid Ads!

3 Organic Growth Secrets For Turning Your Facebook Group Into A Money-Making Machine
...we share the exact framework we’ve used to not just blow up our own business, but to help hundreds of women use their Facebook Group to get results like...
 Creating a constant stream of high-value, qualified leads
 Growing their groups and email lists by hundreds, in just a few weeks
 Selling 4-figure packages in the DMs (no sales calls required!)
 Freeing up their schedule to travel more, without sacrificing results
 Scaling to six-figure months in just 12 weeks

What You Will Learn

How to fill your Facebook Group with primed-to-buy leads FAST, without paid ads.

This is how we grew our own list to over 32,000 subscribers!.
How to get FREE marketing from Facebook, with an organic boost in the search and suggestions to reach your target market.

This is how we get 100+ organic requests to join our group each day!
How to create content that will have people flooding your DMs with requests to buy your products or services.

This is how we turn 8% of our members into buyers, with an average of $200/new member.

Who Is This Masterclass For?

 Coaches & Consultants
 Service-Based Businesses
 Product-Based Businesses
 Network Marketers

Who want to....

...By growing a highly scalable, sales-generating Facebook Group!
Your Starter Pack Gave You Everything You Needed to Take Your First Step Into Facebook Group Success…
...Now, Check Out This Free Masterclass & Learn How Use Your Facebook Group to RAMP UP Your Biz Results, FAST.

Questions About The Masterclass?
We’ve Got Answers!

I already have the Starter Pack. Why do I need to watch this training?

The Starter Pack is just that—a starting point for your group. This Masterclass picks up where your Starter Pack leaves off, so you can get clear on your next steps and grow your group as quickly as possible, using some of our favorite tried-and-tested organic growth strategies.

I don’t have an ads budget. Will these strategies still work for me?

YES! All 3 of the secrets we share in this Masterclass are 100% organic—meaning there are ZERO ads involved in our process. You can do everything we teach here without spending a dime on advertising.

Will growing my Facebook Group actually help me make money?

Oh girl… Yes, yes, a million times yes! Our group has more than 50k members, with an average member-to-buyer conversion rate of about 8%. Simply put, we earn an average of about $200 in revenue from each new member we get. And if we can do that, so can you!

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